Restart with Kids Clothes Week

I took a bit of a hiatus from blogging.

One lovely afternoon I was attempting to usher my daughter inside so that I could work on a post. I realized she was chasing a butterfly (for the first time.) I didn't want to squelch that moment. I want to experience all chasing butterfly moments with my daughter. My time is a luxury that I can share with her. I am grateful that my family has made many adjustments to ensure that I can be home for my daughter's early years. So I stopped and focused on enjoying life with her.

However, I missed writing and creating. I remembered the inspiration to start this blog was my daughter. I want her to see her mother enjoying a creative career. I have been brainstorming ways to focus my blog better. But I really needed a push to start up again. I came across Kid's Clothes Week, a seasonal challenge to sew clothes for kids one hour per day, for seven days. This challenge seems just my style.  

I am off to sew for a bit. I will be sharing my "wild thing" creations all week. After the challenge week, I will start my new blog focus. I hope you enjoy my creations!


kid's clothes week

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