Yesterday my sweet baby girl boldly climbed up two steps.

She is fearless.

I am filled with fear.


One of my bigger struggles is the fear of failure.   

As I watch my daughter learn and grow, I realize if I want her to be bold, strong, and determined, I must model my own behavior.  I certainly do not want to (knowingly) project my own issues onto my children.

So, I am letting go of this fear of failure.  I recognize in the past what I have most feared turned out to be the best parts of my life.  

I have been afraid to start this blog, and live life as an artist for far too long.  Instead of regret, I decided to jump into the fear. Failing is not starting.  Even if only one person reads this, and if my art is only enjoyed by me, at least I will have no regret.

So thank you, dear reader, for helping me overcome my fear.