Chevron clothespin holder

I have come to really appreciate line drying laundry.  

I made this clothespin holder for my brother and sister in law.  

He asked for 'old school' clothespins for Christmas (and I tend to give him Christmas gifts nowhere near Christmastime.) I thought a holder would be handy and make the gift of clothespins more fun.  I like how the chevron and contrasting trim has both a modern and vintage feel to it.


Here are the basic steps to D.I.Y.

Start with a hanger.  Whatever size you choose will dictate the size of the holder and the pieces you cut out.  I happened to have a hanger with the bottom missing, which I twisted to form this one.  A standard size hanger will do, but may feel to large.  A child's size hanger is ideal.

Cut a piece of fabric the general shape of the hanger and finish the top and bottom edges with a seam. (See below)


Piece B is the size and shape of pieces A & C.

Piece C should be the depth you want to hold your clothespins.  Mine is about 14 inches.

Cut a curved shape out of piece C.

I then sewed this curved cut out onto piece B's wrong size (which will be the inside of the holder) using a zig zag stitch on the edges.  This is optional, and purely for aesthetics.


Sew the edge of the curve on piece C with bias tape.  The bias tape will reinforce the edge well (since clothespins will perch here.)


Stack all pieces to layout the way the finished holder will lay.  Connect all pieces with a French seam, starting with a small seam.  


To complete the French seam, turn the pieces wrong side out.  Sew another, wider, seam to encase the first seam.  This 'double' seam is a French seam.  It will provide strength for the seam (since clothespins will be inside it) and hide all raw edges.


Tack on each side here.