Spring cleaning, inspired by Facebook


Last week I rejoined Facebook after a long hiatus.   It is no secret that Facebook is a huge time waster.  I don't have time to squander.  

I am now forcing myself to stay focused on utilizing Facebook for good.  I need to avoid the many pitfalls of Facebook that forced me into a Facebook time out.  For instance, at one point I was managing my then fiancées account as an excuse to manage two Farmville farms.  I stopped that madness by recognizing a real farm (or in my case, garden) is far more fulfilling.  

Facebook can provide an convenient connection to wonderful people.  However it also can provide an unhealthy view of other people's lives.  I tend to get caught up in what I should be doing.  An intimate view of other people's private lives doesn't help.  However, I am now more confident in my life and my decisions.

However, I still easily get sucked into Facebook.  It was a bit overwhelming to be back on the site.  I could spend far too much time on social media.  

Starting her early

Starting her early

Everyone's priorities are different, but my personality thrives when my house is clean.  Clean is a relative term, but there is nothing like a toddler's socks to make me feel like my house is filthy.  When my house is orderly, I seem to get more accomplished and feel much better about my day.  Also, clean begets clean.  When I go on a major organizing/cleaning kick I seem to be able to maintain the house better.  

But cleaning and organizing take time.

I decided I need a schedule.  

A cleaning schedule sounds absurd at first.  I have read many bloggers' schedules and none seem to make sense to me.  (Of course my three story house doesn't help.)  I need an intense week of spring cleaning.  (Spring cleaning is good for my soul and my allergies.)  After this week a cleaning schedule will be initiated.  I'm sure it will take lots of tweaking.  The goal of a cleaning schedule will help me feel productive and hopefully avoid a Facebook time domination.

Wish me luck.