Mending Mondays

Mending Mondays inspiration to repair clothes.png

I never realized how much being a mom would wear out my clothing.

 Maybe I should be more specific. I never realized how having a small being hanging off me and tugging on me at least 15 hours a day would wear out my clothes.


Mending pile attack.png

I still haven’t figured out stain removal either. Right now my system is soak and hope. There is a bucket of clothes in by basement soaking and hoping I don’t forget about them.


My mending pile is out of control. I decided to start tackling that pile and it is far more fulfilling than shopping. In order to shop, I have to battle getting my child in the car seat at least twice. My kid screams as soon as we go inside the mall. She has been like this from the very beginning, taking after her father and grandmother’s hatred of shopping. I have to occupy her while trying on clothes, which only doubles my frustration in the dressing room. Plus I’m not really paying attention to the fit so I end up disappointed. I am frustrated just writing about shopping. I will not start on how childbearing causes one to need clothes in 4 different sizes. Online shopping always disappoints me. I spend too much money and am never as excited opening up the box as I was when placing the order.


So, I’m mending and refashioning these days. Some may think I am crazy, but I find it fulfilling. Saving money and shopping frustration is a bonus.

Mending supplies.jpg

 I’m going to start a weekly series on mending, hoping to inspire others to fix a garment instead of tossing it. Mending is also a traditional way to live green.

 Please bear with me as I experiment with tutorial writing and sharing!