Children and Flowers

"The earth laughs in flowers." -Emerson



A few weeks ago we had issue with a neighborhood child (repeatedly) picking our flowers. This drove me crazy as I had no idea how to handle the situation. In retrospect it seems like a silly, minor situation. We live in an urban neighborhood so I cannot expect a perfect garden. However she came back the second day wearing gardening gloves. Clearly something had to be done. 


I consulted other Moms, pondered reactions to intervention, and strategically placed myself outside when I thought she would be bike riding. My husband ended up catching her picking and had a nice chat with her (one with kind eyes, smiles, and a sincere explanation.)  I dodged a disaster, as I clearly wasn’t thinking straight.


A week later, our daughter decided picking marigolds was great fun. It was karma.


We get dirty.

We get dirty.

I cannot get her to stop. The word no doesn’t seem to be understood. I have raised my voice out of desperation, which of course doesn’t help. Bringing her inside immediately when caught picking is my current plan. However, I cannot say that this stops her from repeating the offense.


Today I came home to two marigolds in a bowl of water in the kitchen. This is a part of my mother’s explanation of flower picking to the toddler.


Once again, we are learning together as I discover more patience while gardening with tiny hands beside me.

Little hands are constantly exploring in the garden.

Little hands are constantly exploring in the garden.