Fascinating butterflies

I recently fashioned this fascinator as an Easter hat for a dear friend.


I had a bit of a mental mistake when designing this piece. I designed it to be worn on the left side of ones head. Fascinators are typically worn on the right side of one's head. This has to do with wearing them on the opposite side from the arm of your escort, and being escorted with a man on the left has to do with men carrying swords one their left leg. Complicated, right?

Since I am fairly certain my friend Jalyn will not be escorted by a man carrying a sword on Easter Sunday, I figured it would be fine. 


Of course, all headpieces tend to change when tried on by the wearer, as all heads are shaped differently. Turns out this piece really sat well on the right side of Jalyn's head and we simply turned it around showing the purple flower. It will take some butterfly tweaking, but I think it is fun.


She wanted something to distract from her pregnant belly. I tried to design it bringing the eyes upwards. I am looking forward to seeing pictures of her wearing the fascinator. Jalyn is keen on Easter hat wearing, which is a little quirk about her that makes me love her even more as a friend.

Happy Easter, friends!