When is a baby no longer a baby?

Gardening with my toddler.

Gardening with my toddler.

I think it is time for me to start calling my baby a toddler. 

At our weekly play date, she is no longer the baby. I follow her around making sure she doesn't poke out a baby's eyes. She is the kid eating puffs off the floor. A mere 3 or so months ago I shockingly watched kids eat off the floor at play date. Those months feel like years, but they also went by quickly.

She started throwing fits when I change her diaper. Yesterday I added an extra insert so I could extend the amount if time between changes and avoid another fit.  She isn't walking yet, but is "toddling" around.

I think I was waiting for her first birthday to acknowledge the end of her baby phase. Since that day is next month, I suppose I need to start accepting this. 

Of course this does not change anything. However, it does add to the (internal) pressure of finishing a baby book and the nursery. 

The strange thing is I am not sad to say goodbye to the baby stage. I feel like there is some unwritten rule that mothers are supposed to be sad about their babies growing up.

I am excited.

Excited to watch her grow and see her little personality forming. Excited for all the new fun things she can experience. I tend to get hung up in the way I am "supposed" to feel or things I am supposed to do. Really the only thing I am supposed to do is love her. I think I have that part figured out.